Spraytex Render And Paint Service
Available In Your Area - Specialists in Rendering & Painting UK Houses
Planning To Render & Paint Your Property Soon?
Talk To The Experts! The detached house above (top) has been transformed from this house with a brand new extension made from breeze block, rendered and painted, unifying the new with the old Victorian brickwork
20 Reasons To Render Right With Spraytex!
There are many excellent reasons why you should invest in your property by rendering the exterior and giving it a professional grade wall coating that will last for decades to come!
  • You want to increase the value of your property and the equity!
  • More Than 100% ROI on Day One!
  • Increased ‘kerb’ appeal!
  • Make it look fresh and attractive!
  • Give your home a new lease of life!
  • Enhance prospective buyer’s interest if selling!
  • Fastest investment in your property!
  • No planning permission required for non-listed buildings
  • Waterproof the exterior of your property!
  • Eliminate the need to re-point the bricks and mortar!
  • Provides another layer of insulation!
  • Install the best – Render Once, Paint Once!
  • Reduce heating costs!
  • 15-Year insurance-backed warranty!
  • No need to paint for up to 45 years!
  • Optimise and future-proof your property investment!
  • Change the colour of your house to the one that you want!
  • 40 years of experience and hundreds of satisfied customers across the UK!
  • Unify the different aspects of the property with ONE colour throughout
  • You need a ‘safe pair of hands’ that have the expertise, courtesy and reliability that you require!
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